A Hero’s Funeral

One of the young men who fought in Iraq and died on April 28th was from around here. On Saturday, his body was brought down from the nearby base to the funeral home here in town. It had to pass through about 4 different little towns. The streets all the way had people standing out to pay tribute to him.

Today, the streets were cleared by public consent between the funeral home and the graveyard since 3:30. They weren’t cordoned off, everybody just stopped and waited. The funeral procession just went by at 3:45 and the streets were lined with so many people, like for a parade except that it was hushed and the mood was subdued. Even the children were quiet. Those who had been in the service of our country were all out in their outfits, saluting as the procession passed. I didn’t know the young man, but I’d heard a lot about him and it brought tears to my eyes to see so many people showing respect and honor to him. A few of them I talked to afterwards and most didn’t know him, but they wanted to show his family that they are proud of him and teach their children about a hero.

May God bless this little town for their respect for one who sacrificed himself for us. May God be with the family and fiance of this young man.

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