Mixed Up Mother Goose

This is what Jeremy and I come up with when we’re not thinking clearly. Feel free to add anymore verses.

Old Mother Hubbard
went to her cupboard
to get some curds and whey.

The shelving was bare.
It just was not fair.
It was a worse than bad day.

Along came a spider
and sat down beside her
and said, “We’ll just waste away.”

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Mom to 5 children, born between 1997 and 2003. I enjoy reading books, blogs, and e-mail. I collect instruments and want to learn how to play a good variety of them. I love singing, especially with my children.

One thought on “Mixed Up Mother Goose”

  1. Critique this.
    I enjoy writing so it was difficult to pass this opportunity by, thanks!

    Old Mother Hubbard
    Walks to her cupboard
    Reaches for some curds and whey
    Shelves were bare
    She stood there with her head hung low,
    Saying in disbelief…
    “It’s just not fair! It’s worse than a bad hair day!”
    Along the shelve crawls spider Clair
    Descends beside her; eye to eye
    Swaying right to left, Clair says,
    “We have a Savior; we will not despair!”
    Feeling low; head lifted slow
    Looks up with eyes full of hopeful glow
    Believing He restores
    Old Mother Hubbard faithfully says,
    “No Clair, We will not despair!”

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