Tonight is Day 1

The four kids who helped me with the VBS songs in church yesterday did a good job. Christine was nervous because she didn’t feel like she knew the movements very well, but she did fine.

I have my schedule and will be teaching the song of the day to the different classes of kids. There are five different classes of kids, so I’ll be getting my exercise. We have the assembly at the end of VBS, so we’ll do the theme song and the song of the day during that. I bet I’ll be ready to fall into bed every night this week.

As I’ve probably mentioned before, Jeremy has the 7-8th graders. He’s more comfortable with adults, but he’ll do fine with these kids too. He is running the assembly tonight and on Thursday since our Pastor has classes to teach at a Christian college those nights.

Anyway, pray for all of us who are teaching that we may have the knowledge that is needed to teach the children what they require to have a good relationship with Jesus and pray for the students that their hearts will be prepared and open to the messages we have for them each night. I’ll let you all know how it goes.

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  1. Julie got her power knocked off by the tornado that went through. Their house and family is fine. She will update everyone when she gets back on line.

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