One of my best friends, Sarah, is coming up today and staying the night. She’ll be going to church with us tonight and then she and I are going out for a talking and chocolate time afterwards. I wish my other best friend, Michelle, could come up here sometime too. I don’t think I’ve told her yet that we have our bed couch up here now, so she can come visit when she’s able. I need to tell her. I would love to really have some time with her too. It’s been too long.

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Mom to 5 children, born between 1997 and 2003. I enjoy reading books, blogs, and e-mail. I collect instruments and want to learn how to play a good variety of them. I love singing, especially with my children.

One thought on “GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT!”

  1. I love girl’s night out! Michelle is usually the one I go out with too. It’s so nice to go out with a friend every now and then and just relax. Hope you guys have fun!
    Speaking of Michelle, I’ll see her this weekend. She is coming to my baby shower at church (provided that the roads don’t flood again and she can get here). I’m so excited!

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