Medical Update

I had blood work done last week and went back to the dr to find out the results of it today.

My thyroid is pretty messed up right now. It has a count of almost 300 antibodies attacking it when the count is supposed to be around 20. Because of this, my dr said my levels are fluctuating and going from one extreme to the other, so we have to adjust my medication to work with the levels I have at the time. I will be going back for more bloodwork in about 6 weeks.

As for the auto-immune disorder, the dr thinks it is scleraderma. I have more symptoms that are connected to that one than to others though he’s checking to see if it might be rheumatoid arthritis. The blood tests from that hasn’t come back yet.

So… that’s the update on that situation for now. I plan on writing about my brother-in-law’s wedding soon. It was beautiful. I want to finish editing the pictures first.

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