Yesterday Was SO Fun!

Sarah got up here around 11 am. She helped me out with the kids’ school and lunch. James had tried destroying his homework page to get out of doing his math, but ended up grounded and with much more work to do which I wrote up myself. He stayed home with Jeremy, who was working from home yesterday. After lunch, the two of us took all four girls out to the Nature Center. They really enjoyed watching the turtles because one was actually moving all around its enclosure. If you were next to it’s space and talked, it turned it’s head toward you. Noelle loved that. She made up stories about how it was listening to us and what it was thinking. Once they were done indoors, we took a small half mile hike out to the pond. Christine doesn’t know how to be quiet, so as we got close to the pond, Sarah and I noticed that all the frogs we’d been hearing suddenly got quiet. Later, after we got back away from there, we heard them start back up. They just couldn’t compete with my girls. The hike ends at a few cages that sometimes hold injured animals. Only one of the cages had an animal, a red hawk. The sign said that it was badly injured and can’t be released back into the wild as it wouldn’t be able to catch it’s food, so it is there for life. It is beautiful.

After we were done with the Center, we headed to JoAnn’s Fabric Store to look for some patterns and material. Sarah had a few skirt patterns she is hoping to try and make and I was looking for something for my sister’s baby. She found some pretty material, but it was a bit too expensive for her. I found what I was looking for and can’t wait to start… but I will wait because we are leaving tomorrow to go down to my parents’ house in NC. Anyway, the girls enjoyed looking through the pattern books and asking if I would make them this or if I could make them that. They all want me to make them nightgowns with the nice soft satiny-ish material for summer. We’ll see.

After a quick dinner, we headed to church. We didn’t have adult choir practice last night, so I went and taught the Children’s choir during that time instead and was able to join in with the adults for Bible study later. I haven’t been up there for Adult Bible Study on Wednesday since the beginning of the year and it was a nice change.

After church, I dropped the kids off and Sarah and I went out to a restaurant and shared a chocolate dessert and just talked. It was great. On the way there, who should call, but my friend Michelle! She and Sarah got to meet a while back when I took Sarah to St. Louis and they got along really well, so they are hoping to both get up here at the same time before the end of August (and Sarah heads off to college.) Between the two of them, I got really giggly. It was awesome.

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