With thanks to Ash.

You Are 60% Extrovert, 40% Introvert

You are quite outgoing

You are a social connector – you know a ton of people

While you aren’t a wild extrovert, you are a great talker

A fantastic storyteller, you keep everyone laughing

Jeremy can tell you this is mostly true. I don’t think I keep people laughing though. Also, though I may know a lot of people because I’m not shy about introducing myself and talking, I really don’t have many friends. Well… true friends that is.

I’m a little busy.

I discovered lice on Amie and Christine, so I treated all the kids’ heads with a permethrin lotion I got at the drugstore yesterday. I’m still doing laundry and packing up all stuffed animals and doll clothes for a little while. I also have to spray the van. Most stuff was done yesterday and it took me a good 5 or 6 hours to do it all. The kids’ heads took 3 hours of that time.

Because of this unexpected circumstance, please wait for the post I plan on doing. I haven’t been able to get all my notes together yet.

Baptism and other thoughts

James’s baptism went well. He was extremely nervous all morning and forgot to take the clothes we had picked out for him to wear when he got dunked. So, I had to make a run at 10am to Dollar General (the only store open there on Sunday morning) and get him some shorts, t-shirt, and underwear. He started getting excited when it came closer to time for him to get wet. Jeremy’s Dad is a preacher (not called to be pastoring a church right now) and he got up there and did the baptizing. James was very happy for Grandpa to do it.

I don’t know if I’ve shared the message of salvation on my website yet, but I plan on doing so soon. It will be the straight salvation message and I will not be pulled into any silly discussions/arguments of different doctrines or beliefs within the Christian community. Any comments doing so will be deleted.

Noelle figures out what teeth are for

Noelle has found how useful those teeth can be. She ate a potato chip yesterday (BBQ, loved it!) and had so much fun finding out how to crunch it. She has also found that we’ll give her a whole cookie instead of bits and thinks it’s just great. I got a great picture of her after her first chocolate cookie (oreo look-a-like, my kids don’t care.) She had a wonderful chocolate beard and you can see her top tooth. I’ll have to put it up sometime.

I have NO idea how to put photos on here. My website caretaker has some teaching to do. I think he gets a kick out of me leaving messages for him on here.

Walk for Life

Last year was my first year to do the Pregnancy Center’s Walk for Life. I am going to do it again this year on May 14th. I’m going to try and get Amie and James some sponsors too. If anyone is willing to sponsor any of us, just give me an e-mail. They are excited about trying to get sponsors. I’ll have to see if I can take them around the neighborhood and have them ask at church. I’m in charge of letting my church know about it, so I’m going to have to get up in front of everyone on Sunday and make an annoucement.

Hmmm, that will proabably be easier than having to sing like I did last Sunday. I was so nervous that I messed up a song I know pretty well.

Lucky man!

Jeremy’s boss took them all to St. Louis for the Cardinals/Cubs game today. During work hours and all expenses paid. I want a nice relaxing day like that. Only, I don’t want to go to a baseball game. I want to see my best friend, MW, and have a giggle fest with her while bowling or watching a video. That’s what we always end up doing and it is always so refreshing. He texted me a little bit ago to tell me that it was a boring game. He’s probably still having fun with that group of guys. They are all geeks like him.

Yet another ear infection

I’ve lost count now. Noelle has had multiple ear infections in her left ear (never in her right) since she turned a year old. It keeps coming within a week or two after seemingly being gone. I don’t understand what is going on. Just pray that this will go away and stay away. She doesn’t need anymore of these and I’d like a full night of sleep sometime.

Homeschooling is hard in Spring

My kids know there is nice weather outside and they don’t want to do their school. They just want to go outside and play. They sit and grumble about how “hard” the work is when it’s something they’ve been working on all year long. They don’t want to listen when I’m trying to explain a new concept. I’ve tried to let them know that going outside and playing is conditional upon them finishing their daily school work and thought that would help them to buckle down and get it done, but instead they complain and it actually takes longer. *Sigh* I just want them to be done with this year’s work.

Hmm, having my blog taken away for a little while has made me quite chatty. I noticed that I’ve posted something almost everyday that I’ve been home.

Prince of God!

My son, James, accepted Jesus as his Saviour last night. He will be baptized next Sunday. It will be the best opening to our church revival that could happen. It was a good ending to a bad day. He made me cry. Jeremy and I went out to have some time out with friends for a few hours just before the kids’ bedtime. Just as we arrived at our friends’ place, James gave us a call and told us he had prayed with Grandma and Grandpa. I couldn’t keep the tears out of my eyes. I just wanted to take him into my arms and give him a great big hug.


Please pray for a band. They were going to give a concert at our church for our youth group tonight. We got a call this morning to tell us they were cancelling because their drummer died. I can’t go into details online, but it wasn’t good. I just finished calling all the girls. (The youth director is calling the boys.) I’m going to round up the youth group tomorrow morning before Sunday School and we’re going to have a small prayer time for this band.

Sorry about lack of details, but I don’t want anyone upset over this post. This day has literally drained me and it is only half over.